Where Do I Go From Here?

For me, software programming is definitely what interests me most about computer science. I’m a big fan of video-games, and as a child it was always my dream to end in that field. Although that dream may be a long shot it would definitely be my dream job. Prior to this course I had never had any experience in coding, besides HTML editing on my MySpace page back in middle-school. The scratch courses, although a very rudimentary form of coding gave me a lot of insight as to what is actually involved in the process of creating a playable games. I’m definitely looking forward to taking more coding classes in the future, although currently my math is holding me back from that. More specifically I’m excited to take CIS 200 as I feel I will learn a lot more about coding. I’m also looking forward to taking ECE 241 because I don’t know much about computer engineering and I’m excited to learn more about the subject and potentially find more areas of interest for me in the field.

I would have to say my favorite part of the course was a tie between the Scratch assignments and the lectures themselves. The scratch assignments were my first real experience in coding. They helped tremendously in my understanding of coding and logic. In our first assignment I was stumped for hours, not even knowing where to begin. I ultimately ended having to meet with a TA outside of class and still struggled through the entire assignment. But by the time I was to my second and third projects I not only was able to figure out the majority of the assignment, but was able to give some pointers to fellow classmates who were struggling. Now I’ve reached the point where I have enough of a basic understanding to complete almost any project that could be thrown at me, in Scratch at least. I mentioned it was a tie between Scratch and the lectures because although the Scratch assignments taught me more technical knowledge, the lectures are really what opened my eyes to the computer science field as a whole. My instructor had a way, between his enthusiasm and support materials, to make me interested in parts of computer science history that I either was never interested in or never knew anything about. To me this course went along well with the idea that you cant build a good house without a strong foundation, and this course was an excellent source of a strong foundation.

The textbooks for this course gave me a pretty similar sensation between all of them, a mixture of boredom and intrigue. Because some parts of the books would cover concepts and ideas that I was interested in such as pagerank algorithms and authentication, (which happened to be the subject of our group project), but other parts covered subjects I considered mundane. But regardless of my personal interest in the subject, every one of books did a superb job of breaking down these very complex concepts to a point where anyone without any computer science background could understand.

Before I started this course, I read this article: https://www.jamesmaa.com/2013/08/26/a-beginners-guide-to-computer-science/, which gave me a good understanding of the importance of this course in my career as well as what to expect from this course. I feel like Mr. Feldhausen has done a great job of preparing us for furthering out education. He has not only piqued my interest in the history of computer science, but also portions of the field I had never even considered. I would recommend this course to anyone even remotely interested in the computer science industry, even if their major is unrelated. Because it has opened my eyes to the industries true inner-workings.

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